Friday, October 24, 2008


sub context=.5a is non existant. imagine it does and this will all make sence

when we look at the world, what do we see and what is it that you see? it is different for all.
Our brains may all be the same, but its our lessons that make our world different from that of the next person. TIME IS A MEASUREMENT OF LIGHT. DISTANCE IS A MEASUREMENT OF TIME AND LOVE IS A MEASUREMENT OF LOVE FELT.

what is it that runs the world. is it god? or perhaps mother nature? or indeed us? its an opinion that will differ depending on who u speak to and there is no one who is right for there is no real answer. GOD? HUMANS? its a question that has been asked since long before the days of Jesus and pagans and to answer this question we have to answer the age old question of what is sane and what is insane. Insane is an illness that causes us to see life in different light, but is there something that drives us insane? its a matter of opinion however there is a intense opinion that could be the decider. "sane is seen as sane and sane sees the insane". Its a fine line that we all walk at one point of our life and we all look back and make a choice of weather it was real or not, "were we wrong" there is an answer to this but only those affected by the truth know the truth. this is where may be able to draw the line.

there is a lot in this world that we cant answer and often history is all that we know and even this can be patchy. this search for the truth is something that can confuse us causing one to create an alternative reality. this is the illness called insanity. a clear conscience will avoid insanity as opposed to the one who thinks a lot. when this is the case all we can do is research history to get a grasp on where we should be.

as humans we are always looking for inspiration. inspiration to get us through our day and give us the confidence to archive newer and better things. the idea of inspiration is taken from visual and auditory stimulation. weather the sunlight gives us the power to get through the day in a positive manner, its still inspiration.

designers use inspiration everyday to come up with ideas and with out the world we have nothing in both a physical and mental manner. i know its self explanatory and there is no real reasion to explain but one thing that we must explain is the way that ideas bring more ideas (the theory of insanity).
-if we see a red circle? we get ideas and those ideas bring more and more ideas and with in no time we have an idea of why there is a red circle there. this is how our mind works and its what keeps our world moving in a progressive fasion.

(1a)what is percetion? well... (2a)what is depth perceprtion?
so. 1a?

when we accept infomation it registers and gives us an emotion (i am not taking about academic infomation).
so when ur mother tells u that u are a bad child u get an emotion yes? ok. now what makes that emotion? ill give u a hint. "history"

when we are given an emotion or mind makes thoughts with in that relm, right?
some will say "yes" and some will say "no" and the others will say what? (_ ____ ____) .5a
so now that we are all understanding as to what this is all about we can move on. NO I AM NOT EDUCATING OR PATRONISING YOU, "MEARLY INSIRING U TO LIVE IN THE PRESENT"

(the circle is a cell)
the pink is the tissue
the yellow are sparks
the red are nerves
yellow are chemicals. "herd of an imbalance?"
our mind is simple in my oppinion but so powerful that 1 man can change history. in my oppinion and in the mind of the scientists our mind is made up of cells. these cells in some way store thoughts. how? we dont know

so. think hard. there are heaps of ways i know. but whats the most inspired?

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